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Obstacle of Affliction
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Obstacle of Affliction So, better late than never as the saying goes. One the few great things of 2020 for me is the discovery of Aseitas and this debut is astounding! Favorite track: Evening Star.
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Malagti On initial listen the layers of sound just swarmed me and I got sucked into some kind of a vortex. Then it spit me out with my backbone all chewed up. So many layers of goodness.Love, love, love it.

You know how sometimes you walk an empty street at night and some sixth sense makes you feel apprehensive and your pace hastens unconsciously?
At some point of this album, you’ll find yourself doing your best not to start running like a little wuss...
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citysavage Late to this gem but better late than never. Thanks to Kronos from AMG for the tip. Very varied stylistically but held together by excellent chops and fine songcraft throughout. Bookended by death doom standouts Morning Star and Evening Star with proggy post-metal interludes like the all-too-brief Prophet. Can't wait to hear what these guys do next! Favorite track: City of Stone (ft. Kevin Hufnagel).
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Morning Star 07:40
No repentance Morning sun, brilliant star, burn, confrontation Consumed flame, revoked grace, left to rot Cast to dark, beauty snuffed out, forsaken Smoldered flesh, hornedness, retribution Burn, lord of flies, traitorous serpent Bastardized divine child, scorn Cherubim, king of dark, smoldered Wraith of fire, bestower of truth Lens of knowledge applied, no longer a meek pet To perverse divinity, free of ignorant chains Reality unveiled for all, adversary standing tall Proclaiming to mankind - "taste the fruit"
Slave to sloth, wasting away in my cradle of filth I am stain, constantly chained by inhibitions I am my own captor, passion's source decayed Festered, contorted, sluggish, faithless waste I am safe, free of pain Physically numb, flesh of sludge, nothing
Trench/Altar 09:41
The call to arms that fell on deaf ears Resonating from the core of my being, I feel its embrace The screaming voice of my spirit The weeping form that is my wilting flesh The aging sepulcher I am Cry out, my passion's face Disfigured within my own reflection Its petals fall like tears The transience of my actions mock me still The meaninglessness embodied Ravenously feasting upon the rotting carcass of my aspirations Disconsolate wretch Bound to a rotting garden of filth and discontent An opaque illusion of love and hope All that is false, restraining what I am Creating false idols Nihilism slowly consumes the soul of the common man and the saint The words of the wraith taint And now I am godless
The Orchard 03:02
Covenant 03:50
Covenant, remembrance Hand to those who submit to the herd Chastise those who dare to differ from the mass Cognitive dissonance embraced tightly Living within a world of chaos breeds distaste in the meek Opposition translates to blind hate within a weak mind Driving a blade into my own ear Just to escape the unceasing noise created by these belligerent drones Hypocrisy held as a constant justification Archaic dogma joyously exhumed and ignorantly praised Covenant, forgotten
The Obelisk 03:36
Entrapment crushes me, pressured soul Devoured by my own passion's maw In this cold infinite I am torn Surrounded by option, the city of stone Now the abyss calls my name Within this chaotic void, I wither alone Just like a dog with three legs, I struggle to stay above I hear the voices of failure I feel the pressure upon me Pressing down into me, pressing down Pressing down into me, I feel the weight (Entrapment) Pressing down (pressured soul) into me (By my own) Pressing down (passion's maw) Pressing down into me, I am restrained To stand up, to push against the stone Wonder aimless, forlorn being, constant migrant seeking purpose Pushing against this monument, I am forever struggling
Prophet 06:14
Evening Star 11:35
Burn - let the son lay down now, let his brilliance rest Revel in incandescence, let the left hand path prevail Under the bright black sky, Venus calls out to her kin Resolute, shine, transcendent form Voracious, sky, rebellious soul Marching onward under heaven, marching onward without mercy To the cross, to eternal stain Driving inward, flesh caves under manmade power, faultless metals Piercing and tearing at the flesh of divinity A god wilts at the crimson hands of posterity The lord covers his eyes as man lays down Burn in the light of the dark, feel the warm embrace of rapture Behold the end of days, witness the true archangel Now return to this plane To fall to abyss, reaching away from the light Renouncing all that was to be A fleeting, callous, wretched life singing its song of dissonance to me Lucid and grim it was conveyed On my knees I beg and pray unto the inverted light Reaching out to touch the sky, reaching out with inward eyes Reaching for the heaven scar, reaching for the evening star


Artwork by Chenthooran Nambiarooran.
Recorded at Type Foundry (drums) and Hynerpeton Studios.
Engineered/mixed by Nathan Nielson. Mastered by Stephan Hawkes.
Additional drum engineering by Jason Powers.


Nathan Nielson - Vocals, Noises, Bass
Gage Dean - Guitar, Sitar
Zack Rodrigues - Drums
Travis Forencich - Fretless guitar, Guitar, Piano

Guest solo on "City of Stone" courtesy of Kevin Hufnagel.

© 2018 Lizard Brain Records. All Rights Reserved.


released April 1, 2018


all rights reserved



Aseitas Portland, Oregon

Hideous experiments in death and discord. LP2 "False Peace" out now for free (digital) and via Translation Loss Records (vinyl.)

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