False Peace

by Aseitas

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joshfields I saw so much hype about this from all the Translation Loss fans, but never did much listening beyond a few seconds of a drum playthrough. Not really sure why I dismissed it, but I goofed big time. This is far beyond the typical new wave of death metal that I thought it was. There's so many colors being utilized to paint this sonic landscape and it's all so cohesive. Perfect execution and diverse songs really put Aseitas at the forefront of progressive death metal. Favorite track: Chrism.
Tampertronics thumbnail
Tampertronics An astounding album. Epic in every way. Is it overlong? Well, it's long, but I wouldn't say there's a single moment wasted. It's as if it contains about 4 seminal metal albums in one. The ambition is matched by the melodies and riffs. So many great ideas. This band do everything well. This is special stuff. Use it wisely. Favorite track: Horse of Turin.
Obstacle of Affliction
Obstacle of Affliction thumbnail
Obstacle of Affliction One of best things about the end of the year is reading all the 'best of' lists. And if it weren't for this release being on so many lists I would have completely missed it. Thank all that is kind in this world that I didn't miss out because, holy shit, this is an amazing release and band. Count this as one of the few good things about 2020.
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False Peace 02:50
Scalded 04:35
Mourn your dead self. Mutilate the fruits of your trepidation. Suicide by foreign vices (choices.) Written. Gone. Turned. Scorched. Exhume the past, lay in its corpse (wallow in misery.) Bathe in its blood, its lifeless touch (wallow in misery.) Longing for release. Drowning in false peace. Wandering through ashes. Guided to the grave. Invert being. Absent purpose. Scalded soul. Degenerate. Deprived. Denied. Wretch. Mourn what you could have been. Scorn what you would have been. Scorn what you should have been. Reduced to tears (fears.) Dragged down, submerged in malice (revoked forever.) Disfigured by self-deceit (revoked forever.) Reproach, beseech liftoach (revoked forever.) Brought to your knees. No more fleeting pleasures; grieving. Failure. Traitor. Servant of weakness. Cascade (cascading surrender) forever. Innocence erodes.
Impermanence 03:11
Dead god. Constant prison. Endless schism. Forced division. Bereft humans. Conflict constant. Brother slaughter. Blood-stained fist. Constant prison. Endless schism. Terror’s kingdom. Blood-soaked reason. Conflict constant. Brother slaughter. Impaled. Restrained. Struggle. Punished. Hate as creed. Vomit your sins. Fall - become the killing blow. Consequence. Permanence. Immolation. Conflagration. Alienation; self.
Raining fallacies. Bereft, hallowed drifter. Inward detachment. Withdrawal. Isolation. Distance craved, distance given. Anodyne (nostrum.) Panacea (denied.) Wretched leper. Misanthropic rot. Prayers unanswered (foundations lost.) The body unclean. The struggle erased. Always unwhole. Raining falsehoods. Inward withdrawal. Flee in limbo. Deficient sanctuary; lost. Undone (reciprocity denied.) The whip overtakes the caress. Misery. Desolate. Mistakes. Confession. Penance. Aberration. Surrender - I reach for you. Desperation. Blackness. Through your pain I am remade. Amor fati.
Chrism 04:59
Writhe in reflection; the fleshy prison which you have been tied to. The fool, the marionette. Calcified rot. Resplendence gored. Beauty within despair. Virulent truth laying in wait; as above, so below. Scald my flesh. Cleave my neck. Flay my soul. Rewritten. Risen from the tar. Indistinct scorn. Crawling from the guts of what once was fallacy. Twist, bend, contort, and rend yourself. Disfigured and scourged for leviathan. Breathe, inhale the toxin. The struggle shattered. Peace unknown. Remorse. The parasite that I be - lachrymose, unwhole.
Spite/Sermon 14:19
Spite - the scar within a scar. True self betrayal. Uprooting the bindings. Deracinate that which was made. Imbibe the blood of your past. The burning scourge. The wound within the scar. Self-subversion. Love's inversion. Hate's deliverance, adorned and carnivorous. Consumed by flame. Writhing, screaming chaos. Clashing forces erupt. Dissonance leading actions. Gutted and misused. Thoughtless malevolence. A blade against the arm. A fist to a lover, now no longer one's own. Pain. The meek, ill child forever held inside. Scarified, stultified, afraid. Drown with us, savior unborn. Wisdom forsaken. Denial. The path untaken - cowardice. Penance tainted. Flawed projection. Buried discipline. Disgraced. Displaced. Gone. Bear the child of your failure - rage. The endless purge of my agony. Imprisoned by a memory. Engorged with fucking misery. No relation to purity. I long for the days when my dreams weren't plagued by the knives. A blissful field raped and tarnished, our dilapidated home. Absence of grace. Our burning wastes. Gone but forever there. A weeping phantom followed eternally. A damp chill always holding me. A crumbling husk of divinity. Drown with me, for I am nothing. Escape. Endless mourning (strife.) Aching for venoms. Endless mourning (strife.) Tonics of death. Endless mourning (strife.)
Crucible 01:48
Worthlessly wait. The fruits that hang beside my head insinuate despair. Blood into oil, bone into ash. Flay the mirage; the broken gods. Idols reforged, birthed from discord. Blood, sweat, and tears. Exercise fear. The fawn, the son, the menhir. Rebirth; kindled flame. Oceans become stone. Bursting forth, the fire from within. Endless resolve. Self-abasement. Unearthed strength. Wounds unhealed. Crucified (agony’s embracement.) Sharpened steel. Focused pain. Condition forever undefined. Pressed into oil. Metal forged into blades. Grow. Witness the hierophant awaiting the new dawn. The horizon, the infinite power dormant within the core. Reclaimed. Unscarred. Reborn. Unscarred.
Sleep. Orphaned. Chosen. New age pogrom. Diseased, set against yourself. Plea. Unfit fragment. Unclean. Machine. Predator. Grieving. Plead. Reprieve. Seize. Decadent worship. Churning. Rot. Dead. The hidden hand; blade unseen. The pierced flesh always concealed. The sacrifice laid on the slab. Countless mortals at the behest. The throes of deceit hold me. Wasted. Desolate. The spell, the enchanter. Deconsecrated. The eternal dance. That which binds. Illusory. Reflection. Pain. Failures. Elucidated. Delusive lords. Worth decided. Renounced. Odious ruler. Viscous. Resent. A wilting orchard. All that was, inverse. Beheading the matron. Reign of the ungod. Rejection. Slowly unbirthing. The cycle that claims. We are your slave. Fervent, unfree, never to see. Willingly chained on bended knee. Accept the whip so gleefully. Always pleasant, always penanced. Punishment brings endless wisdom. Bleak. Ancient and hopeless tradition. Fear, declension, destined for our perdition. Spasmodically reborn. Vessel unowned. Possessed nature unknown. Never a glimpse. Dreams. The screech of aeons whispered through centuries. A binding task, impregnate. Being adorned (idolator.) Unbreathing pawn. Enslavement. Corroded soul. Resignation. The veil worn thin. The covetous seed. Pandemonium. Fluids drain. Flesh decays. Pandemonium. The bull king. Chiun star. Pandemonium. It speaks through static (through sleep, dreams.) Pandemonium. It has spoke. Cast ever down.
Pieces 02:47


Design and illustration by Noah Cutter Meihoff (@ncmeihoff).
Recorded at Type Foundry (drums/piano) and Hynerpeton Studios.
Engineered by Aseitas. Additional drum engineering by Matt Koski.
Mixed by Nathan Nielson. Mastered by Brad Boatright (Audiosiege).


Nathan Nielson - Vocals, PIPE, Organelle, Lyra-8, Guitar
Gage Dean - Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Jonah Badden - Guitar
Zack Rodrigues - Drums, MS2000, Percussion, Piano
Travis Forencich - Fretless guitar, Guitar, Noises

"Impermanence" music video:

"Scalded" drum tracking video:

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released July 10, 2020


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Aseitas Portland, Oregon

Hideous experiments in death and discord. LP2 "False Peace" out now for free (digital) and via Translation Loss Records (vinyl.)

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